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Senior Managing Director | The Opes Group LLC

Web Skills That Entrepreneurs Should Know In 2018

It’s 2018, a year of advanced technology and entrepreneurism. Today, one of the “coolest” jobs to have is that of an entrepreneur. You make your own hours, work on cool projects, lead a large (or small) team and at the end of the day, you could drastically change the world and become rich for doing so. On paper, and on the surface, it may seem like being an entrepreneur is easy, but it isn’t. It is a difficult, and often thankless, career. In order to succeed in today’s world, entrepreneurs must be relatively tech-savvy. By having a decent understanding of technology and the internet, they are at an immediate advantage over their competition.

So, what are some of the most important web skills that entrepreneurs should know? Here are just a few.


The world runs on applications and websites. These are two significant aspects of life in the 21st Century society and both are made possible by code. There are a variety of different coding languages out there from CSS to HTML (the two most basic) to Python and Java. Although coding can be quite complex, luckily, there are multiple different ways for entrepreneurs to learn how to code. Having at least a bare bones understanding of coding can allow entrepreneurs to work for themselves and create a stunning website or application that they may want to market to investors and, eventually, the public.


Data is a hot-button issue right now. Many social media and technology companies are being scrutinized over what they do with their users’ data; more specifically, people want to know what these companies are doing with names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and much more. In today’s world, an entrepreneur must be well-suited and informed on data, and how important it is to many technology-based companies. More importantly, entrepreneurs must know how to manage it, store it safely and utilize it wisely, as to not upset any users. Understanding big data can help entrepreneurs speak to investors and the public about how their companies use such sensitive and important information.

Social Media

This may seem rather obvious, but it’s the truth. Entrepreneurs must have a firm grasp of social media in order to utilize it to its fullest potential. And by this, I don’t mean they must simply know how to update their status or comment on a photo; entrepreneurs need to know the intricacies of social media. That means, they must be able to utilize the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) and their ad services, understand their audiences and, most importantly, know how to analyze and interpret their data. By understanding these main concepts, entrepreneurs will be well-equipped to devise marketing campaigns targeted at specific users and taking the impressions and engagements and utilizing them to improve the product or service and the subsequent rounds of marketing. Social media can frankly be used simply for communicating effectively with consumers, not solely for marketing campaigns.

Entrepreneurs are required to know a great deal. They are responsible for being something of a one-stop-shop of skill and knowledge. These are only a few of the tech-based skills that entrepreneurs should have. Perhaps I will touch on a few more in an upcoming blog.