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Alexi Harding The Rise of the Remote Worker

The Rise of the Remote Worker

The traditional American work week is 40 hours. Typically, the average American worker works from Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. It’s been that way since 1940 when some of this country’s most prosperous and renowned titans of industry made it so. And since then, that structure has proven successful. America became a ...

Alexi Harding Entrepreneurial Ethics: The AI Problem

Entrepreneurial Ethics: The AI Problem

Today’s technology would make our ancestors shocked and stunned. Human beings from 100 years ago wouldn’t believe that the people of today can send digital messages to anyone from anywhere in the world, video chat in real time or create music without using a single physical instrument, but technology has allowed us to do all of ...

Alexi Harding Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Silicon Valley’s Lack of Diversity

Acceptance and understanding of diversity is key to working well with each other in our society. This country is a beautiful mixture of various races, ethnicities, cultures and beliefs. Unfortunately, our work forces don’t represent this diversity. The tech industry in particular has seen a stunning lack of diversity. According to ...

Alexi Harding Subscription Service Model

The Subscription Service Model

The subscription service model is nothing new. One of the earliest examples of the model is the newspaper. Citizens would pay a monthly fee to subscribe to The Washington Post or The New York Times in order to get access to the paper; in fact, many people still subscribe to these publications today. But in recent years, the ...