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Alexi Harding Pitch Perfect: How to Pitch Your Next Big Idea

Pitch Perfect: How to Pitch Your Next Big Idea

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to do three things: be a fantastic leader with many hats, be able to step back (delegate) and grow others, and be a salesperson…. that’s all. The first two are probably self-explanatory, but you might be curious about the last point. Why do you need to be a good salesperson? Well, ...

Alexi Harding How to Prioritize Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

How to Prioritize Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7, ‘round the clock job. A lot of people feel that being an entrepreneur is easy, but it most certainly is not. The job is truly a lifestyle, and while there are quite a few different elements to the position, one job stands out above the rest: decision making. As an entrepreneur, you are tasked with ...

Alexi Harding Subscription Service Model

The Subscription Service Model

The subscription service model is nothing new. One of the earliest examples of the model is the newspaper. Citizens would pay a monthly fee to subscribe to The Washington Post or The New York Times in order to get access to the paper; in fact, many people still subscribe to these publications today. But in recent years, the ...

Alexi Harding Ring Doorbell

Amazon Buys Ring For $1 Billion

Just last month I published an article on The Shark Tank Effect and whether or not it was true. In the article, I explained how several different entrepreneurs who’d been featured on Shark Tank managed to find success even after they walked away from deals or weren’t even offered one. The article also goes on to highlight ...