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Shoowin: The Super Bowl Sunday Scalper Solution

It’s officially February. Everyone I speak to can’t fathom how quickly we’ve put the holidays behind us. Late January/early February is always a special time for football fans as it marks the weekend of the Super Bowl, the NFL’s championship game. Every year, the Super Bowl draws in more and more viewers, with last year’s game bringing in a whopping 113 million average American viewers. This year’s Super Bowl is projected to be one for the ages, especially considering the rabid fan bases of Philadelphia and New England. I’m a Patriots fan myself as I am in awe of Tom Brady’s regime but my colleague Roxanne is a Penn alum so she’s backing her Philly boys. Now how can we score a ticket to the game to see who’s on the winning side?

For most people, tickets to a Super Bowl game are impossible to attain. By the time one realizes that his or her preferred team has made it to the end game it is next to impossible to secure a ticket. They will have either been sold to fans or been bought in the thousands by scalpers. The face value of the lowest price ticket is in the area of $4,000 but scalpers get away with charging more than 5 times face for such an in demand event. This all but shuts out the typical fan.T

For those looking to find the needle in the haystack you may want to look into Shoowin. This new startup is looking to change the way that fans purchase and sell tickets. With Shoowin, fans can reserve the rights to playoff tickets at cost/face value (whether it be football, baseball, basketball, etc.) by placing a bid ($5 minimum) on their particular team. Depending on the team’s success and chances of making the playoffs, that bid can grow. At the end of the season, ticket holders can choose to either sell those tickets for a profit, or purchase the tickets and attend the playoff game.

Shoowin is even holding a special promotion for the Super Bowl where you place a bid on two tickets for your favorite team making it to the big game; if your bid is the highest and your team wins their respective championship game and heads to the Super Bowl, you will attend the year’s biggest game yourself. You simply need to pay whatever your bid was, in addition to $2,999.98 for each ticket you bid on. Obviously, it is too late to take part in Shoowin’s Super Bowl Auction, however, you can prepare for next year.

Shoowin is presenting itself at the best possible time. The primary market (the market in which outlets directly sell tickets from the originator of the event) is dominated by TicketMaster (the company has a market share of 80%), and the secondary market has a variety of competitors vying for the ability to sell tickets to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, several large market brokers utilize sophisticated technology that can snatch up thousands of tickets before fans can. With interest in both sporting events and concerts skyrocketing within the next few years (the secondary market is expected to reach a value of $15 billion by 2020), this will be incredibly problematic for fans looking to attend such events. With Shoowin, fans can take control of their sporting events and their prices.
Shoowin is a great new service that is certain to change the way we purchase tickets to major sporting events. For more information on the company, and to get involved, visit their website.