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Inspirational Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is something of a buzzword these days. It seems as though everyone wants to be an entrepreneur because it’s the “cool” job of the 21st century; it’s the go-to occupation for millennials. But entrepreneurship is much more than that. It is a lifestyle. There is a great deal of commitment and sacrifice involved. It’s almost an instinct that’s in your blood from birth. While most successful entrepreneurs begin their businesses in their late teens to early 20s, some simply can’t wait that long. I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of those young hopefuls who are looking to begin their entrepreneurial careers at an incredibly early age.


Sebastian Martinez – Are You Kidding

Believe it or not, but this 7-year-old child is more successful than most adult entrepreneurs. At only 5 years old, Sebastian took his passion for collecting and wearing fun and interesting socks and turned it into a successful business. After founding Are You Kidding, Sebastian’s company earned a staggering $15,000 from his special sock line. With the assistance of his brother, Brandon Martinez, and mother, Rachel Martinez, the company has been able to grow substantially and double its profits. What’s more, Sebastian and company have been able to team up with a variety of charities, including the American Cancer Society and The Hue Studio.


Alina Morse – Zollipops

Do you have a sweet tooth, but hate how unhealthy candy can be? Well then, Alina Morse’s Zollipops are the perfect solution. Founded in 2014, Zollipops offers lollipops in a wide variety of flavors. The sugar-free lollipops feature a variety of active ingredients (xylitol, erythritol and stevia) that work to prevent acidity build-up in the mouth, allowing you to eat the candy and not worry about cavities. The landmark idea was a runaway success, netting $70,000 in sales. The company was even featured on the popular show Shark Tank.


Moziah Bridges – Mo’s Bows

Similar to Sebastian, Moziah Bridges decided to enter the fashion industry with a unique take on bow ties. After founding his company, Mo’s Bows, the young prodigy quickly found himself on Shark Tank. His company has seen a tremendous amount of success; since 2011, Mo’s Bows has earned well over 350,000. Thanks to some help from his mother, Tramica Bridges (she also serves as the company’s manager) Bridges’ bow ties can be found in multiple shops throughout the country.


If you’re looking to begin your own company, let these children’s stories inspire you. It doesn’t matter where you come from and what experience you have, as long as you have the passion and determination to learn and grow, then you can find your success.