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Senior Managing Director | The Opes Group LLC

Great Ways To Invest Your Tax Refund

It’s been just over a month since tax season officially ended. Millions of Americans filed their taxes, either by themselves or through a firm, and some have since received tax refunds. When it comes to tax refunds, depending on the amount of the refund, it can be all too easy to spend that money on something large and materialistic, like a flat-screen, 4K television, or a luxurious trip to Italy. While it can be tempting to have a sudden influx of money, you should take a step back and think about the best way to utilize that money.

Investing, if done correctly, is one of the wisest things any person can do. By carefully investing your money, you can take that thousand-something-dollar refund and turn it into larger profit for the future. So, what are some of the best ways to invest your tax refund?

Pay Off Debts

If you’re an average American citizen, you more than likely have some sort of a loan that needs to be paid off. Car loans, mortgages, student loans or even credit card loans. These are all payments that need to be made, and you’d probably like to get them paid off as soon as possible. By taking your tax refund and investing in your debts, you will be one step closer to being debt-free. As you become free of debt, then you can begin to save all future paychecks and tax refunds for other ventures and investment opportunities.If you don’t have enough funding to pay off all your debt then start with the debt that carries the highest interest rate.

Invest In Something

You’ve heard your friends talk about it before many times. They always talk about how they’ve made so much money by investing in real estate, or stocks. You’ve always wanted to follow suit, but you’ve never had the money to do so. Why not take that tax refund and invest? Do your research and invest in real estate or purchase stock. You could even flex your entrepreneurial muscles and become an investor in a startup company. If you invest wisely, you could increase your profit immensely.

Invest In College

If you have children who are eager to attend college, then you need to prepare funds as early as possible. Higher education is incredibly expensive, and unless your child has a variety of scholarships, you will likely have to foot the bill. Take that tax refund and begin a college savings fund. And by that, I don’t mean storing the money in a jar on top of your fridge; start an actual savings fund, like a 529 college savings plan, which allows you to invest money, tax-free, as long as all money deposited and withdrawn is being used for education.

These are only a few ways to invest your tax refund. Obviously, any person can have any number of uses for that money. Hopefully, you will use this as an inspiration to wisely invest.