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Entrepreneuer’s “Sheryl Sandberg’s Response to Life’s Crushing Blows Is Grit and Resilience — Here Are 5 Ways to Build Both”

We here at the Opes Group are always looking for new pieces of advice for age-old problems. In an article published on Entrepreneur, guest writer Lauren Ruef expands upon Sherly Sandberg’s response to life’s hardships. Ruef offers some great advice, and so I figured I would share it with you all. Here is an excerpt:

“Resilience is not a trait you inherit at birth. Instead, it’s something you can learn, and even practice, every day. Resilience is the choice — in the face of adverse events — to persevere. However, it is not to be mistaken for innate toughness or even inner strength. It is, simply, the wherewithal to stick with a long-term goal when you are faced with any obstacle, and see that goal through to the end.”

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