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Alexi Harding Senior Citizens

Industries Entrepreneurs May Want to Explore In 2018

When an entrepreneur achieves success, it’s because he or she was able to create a business around a product or service in an industry that was ripe for the taking. Noticing industry trends and openings is a key component of becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, sometimes one can be so caught up one particular plan the real ...

Alexi Harding Tax Refund

Great Ways To Invest Your Tax Refund

It’s been just over a month since tax season officially ended. Millions of Americans filed their taxes, either by themselves or through a firm, and some have since received tax refunds. When it comes to tax refunds, depending on the amount of the refund, it can be all too easy to spend that money on something large and ...

Alexi Harding Subscription Service Model

The Subscription Service Model

The subscription service model is nothing new. One of the earliest examples of the model is the newspaper. Citizens would pay a monthly fee to subscribe to The Washington Post or The New York Times in order to get access to the paper; in fact, many people still subscribe to these publications today. But in recent years, the ...

Alexi Harding Coding

Web Skills That Entrepreneurs Should Know In 2018

It’s 2018, a year of advanced technology and entrepreneurism. Today, one of the “coolest” jobs to have is that of an entrepreneur. You make your own hours, work on cool projects, lead a large (or small) team and at the end of the day, you could drastically change the world and become rich for doing so. On paper, and on the ...