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Senior Managing Director | The Opes Group LLC

The Opes Group LLC
Located in New York, New York.

About Alexi Harding

Alexi Harding is an established business executive in financial services. He has over 13 years of professional experience across the insurance, private equity, and venture capital sectors.

After a prolific career in the insurance industry, during which time he earned prestigious distinctions such as the Gathering Eagles Award (a distinction for the firm’s top recruiters) and the Field Management Award (an award conferred to managers with the highest production rates), Alexi turned his attention to venture capital. He formed an angel investment partnership and then spent three years at Clewed as the Director of Sales and Marketing where he further honed his skills in business development and discovered his passion for providing resources to startups and small businesses.

Alexi Harding‘s experience at Clewed also opened his eyes to the shortcomings of the private equity world, namely that clients are matched with catch-all capital sources that do not directly or effectively address their particular needs. The misalignment of client and capital source(s) often results in short-term deals that, at best, do not enable smart and sustainable growth, and at worst, completely fail to materialize. Alexi Harding himself had struggled with raising the capital needed for a prior business project, and had been dissatisfied with the funding options available. He knew that there were more cohesive, trustworthy ways to build businesses, and he decided to create The Opes Group.

As the Senior Managing Director of The Opes Group, a company providing advisory services and capital access for entrepreneurs and companies, Alexi Harding oversees a network of private capital investors who focus on unique investment opportunities. Instead of promoting short-term deals that hurt entrepreneurs and investors alike with fees and misguided management, Alexi has developed a disciplined, long-term investment approach that is applicable across industries. To truly make a difference in the financial market, he ensures that the investor’s desires align with those of his client.  Alexi’s work within The Opes Group also includes sourcing new clients, and researching and implementing new or lesser-utilized funding tools (such as the EB-5 program and other lesser-known government-related capital sources). Just as well, the knowledge network inherent within Alexi’s decades of fiscal experience places Alexi Harding, and The Opes Group clients, with a unique and insightful perspective of the finance industry at large. By taking advantage of creative funding solutions and employing his expansive fiscal wisdom, Alexi Harding and The Opes Group are able to provide clients with an unparalleled financial experience.

Alexi and The Opes Group are also passionate about nonprofit and community work, and provide support to numerous organizations.  As an avid runner, Alexi has multiplied his support for fitness organizations by engaging his firm’s clients to such an extent that they themselves have become supporters of these and similar causes as well. In his passion and commitment to running, Alexi has realized that exercise is as much a mental discipline as it is physical. In fact, Alexi’s passion has coerced fellow The Opes Group advisor Melissa to not only run the 2015 New York Marathon, but also to volunteer at a post-marathon event in midtown Manhattan.

Alexi Harding believes that nonprofit work goes beyond just helping any one organization or underprivileged group of individuals. It helps to foster a team mentality in workplace culture. By organizing volunteer employer events, The Opes Group is cultivating a unit of like-minded team-oriented individuals who are striving towards a shared goal. By strengthening relationships in volunteer work, Alexi is also strengthening the team’s corroboration skills at the office. This manifests itself in the seamless financial experience clients find time and time again at The Opes Group,

The team at The Opes Group has also volunteered with orphanages and community organizations in the United States, Jamaica and West and South Africa.